Homemade fitness sandbags

Homemade workout sandbags for you

You can make your own workout sandbags. Here's how you do it. Go to a tire store that sells 18-wheeler truck inner tubes. Get one or two that is about 13" wide. Go to a hardware store / home center and get about 4 bags of play sand. If you have extra-strength duct tape, use it, or buy it.

Use some tin snips to cut across the inner tube either side of the valve. Then roll up the cut end by folding it over itself to about 2" wide flaps. Do this for about 5 times, until it is thick enough to hold in your hand.

Use the duct tape to tape around the folded end of the tube. Then put as much sand as you want the bag to weigh. Calculate the amount of inner tube you need to leave to make the rollup. And, this is very important: Leave plenty of extra room for the sand to be able to shift freely. The shifting sand is what makes this exercise device superior to any solid weights. It must shift, so keep it loose!

Cut the inner tube across, leaving the rollup space and shift space. Roll up the end, and tape it around the rollup. You are ready to go!

  These workout sandbags are, in my very biased opinion, better than the copycat duffel-bag style sandbags that my competitors sell.  The built-in handles are easy to grab and the sand will shift and give your stabilizer muscles the proper shifting sand effect.  

   If you cannot afford our workout sandbags for now, and want to try out sandbag training, this is a great way to start.  You can probably get 2 sandbags out of one inner tube.  This makes them cost about 1/3 of what our sandbags cost.  And, they are about a third as good.  So, you get what you pay for.  

   Let me know how these work for you.  When you are ready to buy the best, come to us.Here are our workout sandbags.