Happy summer from Workout Sandbags

That's right.  Happy summer to you!  We hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we have. We were fortunate enough to take a vacation this year to the beautiful Northwest coast.  

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August of 2019 marks the eighth anniversary of our first sale.  We began selling Workout Sandbags in August 2011.  One customer has bought from us 7 times since then, and many have bought more than once.  We hope you are happy with your bags.  If you choose to buy from us, we are confident of your satisfaction.

If you are a commercial customer, we advise you to get filler bags for our outer bags.  We went for the first three years without them, relying on contractor bags to hold the sand.  We still do this, but it is a temporary measure, capable of holding sand leakproof for 2 to 3 years.  After that, you need to either replace the contractor bags or get filler bags.

Our filler bag design is different from the other guys' filler bag design.  Our filler bags can hold the entire sand capacity of the outer bag in one filler bag.  This allows the sand load to shift as a whole with the outer bag.  There is no chopping up of the sand load into separate compartments.  This is important to give you the proper instability that is vital to sandbag training.

On the other hand, our filler bags can be half filled to be thinner, but with the same width and length as the outer bag.  This way you can get two filler bags and put one on top of the other, to have either a half weight outer bag or a whole weight outer bag.

When we started selling Workout Sandbags, there were 2 others selling them that we knew of.  We now know that one other was selling them, so there were 3.  Now there are dozens of them.  Why should you buy from us and not them?  Before that question is answered, we must say that the competitors that we know of are honest people making a quality product.  They make good bags.  But ours are better.  Why do we say this?

We say that our bags are better because our customers say they are.  We have taken their reviews via email over these eight years and copied and pasted them on their own page, the Reviews page on our site.  Instead of bragging about our bags and saying they are the best, we let our customers say it.  If upon purchasing you do not agree with them, you have a month to return your bags for a full refund.

So what is the difference between the other guys and us?  Name.  They use sexy sounding names, which promise you whatever.  We spend no time or money on names, and deliver the goods.  They also confuse you with names for their different size bags.  We do not know which size holds how much, and so on.  We cut the crap and call our bags small, medium, and large, and they can hold different weights of either sand, rubber mulch pellets, or wood stove fuel pellets.

We are the only maker of fitness sandbags we know of that uses a design that maximizes the instability of the bag by making them more like a giant beanbag, and not like a duffel bag.  We do this while putting the handles into the bag which gives you a better, direct feel of the shifting sand.  This gives you a better sandbag training workout.  Instead of 1000D nylon like the other guys use, we use 1680D ballistic nylon for our fabric.  This material is much stronger and tougher than any 1000D fabric.  The thread our bags are sewn with is extra-thick and much tougher than theirs.  We make a better bag.

Whetever you do this summer, have fun at it. 

Here are our training sandbags for sale.

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