Happy summer 2020!

Happy summer 2020 to you from Workout Sandbags!  We want to wish you the best, whatever the current situation has thrown at you.  We continue to work out every other day, and you continue to buy our bags for mostly at-home use.  We appreciate your business this summer.

workout sandbags on beach

We will use this post to give a few reminders and updates.  The first reminder is about USA shipping.  We give free USA shipping to any order of $150 or more.  USA shipping includes all 50 states, and ALL USA territories.  That includes Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.  Did I forget any?

We are getting good response to our new Medicine Bags.  They are priced affordably at $60.  You can use them like you would a medicine ball.  But, they offer the instability of a sandbag with the square shape that lends itself to using like a medicine ball.  Hence, the name Medicine Bag.

We now make all our products from 1050D ballistic nylon.  It is the thickest and toughest of all nylon fabrics.  This includes any and all types of 1000D nylon.  Even our filler bags are made of it.

We have been swimming lots lately in a nearby reservoir.  Swimming is a great exercise, and it acts as a "recovery workout".   A recovery workout is one that gives good exercise, while massaging the body and relaxing it.  That way when you go back to strenuous workouts, whether with our training sandbags or other forms of exercise, you can hit it harder and well rested. 

We highly recommend what some now call "Intuitive Exercise".  That is a fancy name for doing whatever you want for a workout on a given day.  We like it because it keeps us doing workouts on days that might otherwise be skpped.  It is far better to do ANY workout than NO workout.  So remember, something is better than nothing!

We invite you to shop our selection of original design sandbags.  See our training page here.

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