Happy New Year!

Here on the last day of 2014, there are plenty of items to discuss that happened this year.  Most of all, I want to thank all of you for becoming our customers.

In April of this year we changed the name of our domain to Workout Sandbags.  It was a domain that we had owned for a couple of years and we decided it described our business better.  We also decided to cut the crap (pardon my language) of using a gimmicky name for our business.  Workout sandbags are not a gimmick.  For the first 3 months of this year, we operated under the name of Sandfitusa. We do not think we should insult the intelligence of our customers with a gimmicky name.

We added new customers to our list in 2014.   But also we got the vote of approval that any business covets:  return customers.  Many of our home and commercial customers became return customers in 2014, including the Cincinnati Bengals.  Thank you very much.

Today I split wood and loaded it for a fire.  That was my workout for today.  I encourage you to do alternate workouts instead of traditional workouts occasionally.  It keeps the regular workouts more fun and interesting.  Mix it up.  Tomorrow is an off day for me.  It is the first holiday off day in 3 months.  Thanksgiving and Christmas days were workout days for me, and work out I did.  

I have no exercise resolutions for the new year.  And that feels very good.  I am quite happy with my every other day workout schedule.  I highly recommend working out every other day for anyone who is past their biological prime of age 25.  If that is you, consider doing a tough workout every other day.  The extra recovery time will increase your muscle growth and general fitness level as much as the exercise you do.

If you drink the New Year in tonight, do not start your New Year with a hangover.  There is no reason to overdo it.  My advice is to stay away from hard liquor and drink only beer or wine in moderation.  And by all means do not mix champagne with hard liquor.  Again, do not start 2015 with a hangover.  

We intend to do more in 2015 to increase our online visibility. This will enable more of you to have the choice of workout sandbags with ergonomic internal handgrips that give the correct feel of the shifting sand.  

Here's wishing you the very best in health and fitness for 2015 and of course a very happy new year!  By the way, visit our sandbag workouts page to see not only great illustrated sandbag exercises, but workouts and even an entire fitness strategy for your functional fitness needs.   Happy New Year!  See more training tips here.

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