Get a sandbox

Here is an idea that has struck me this week.  It is partially because one of our customers uses it for their functional fitness training, and it is also partially because I am on vacation at a beach on the Gulf of Mexico at this writing.  Walking or running on loose sand is a great workout in itself.  Throw in some exerices, such as carrying a sandbag on your shoulder, or just running, and it becomes downright tough.

The idea is this.  Make yourself a sandbox.  This is for homeowners, of course.  You will need some room in your yard, also.  Start by buying some railroad ties.  They can be found at nurseries and other such places.  Arrange them in a rectangle in the place where you want the sandbox to be.  Then call a contractor that will bring you a load of sand in their dump truck.  Have them dump it in, and get a good workout with a shovel doing the fine tuning adjustments on the placement of the sand.

Now for the finishing touch.  Make a pavilion to cover the sandbox.  Here's why.  The sand is at its best looseness when it is dry.  Unless you live in the desert, weekly or almost monthly rain will keep it wet and not as good a workout as if it were dry.  I will not go into detail on how to build the pavilion over it here.  It does not have to be fancy. 

By the way, this sandbox doubles as a play sandbox for you children!  So, it becomes both a big kid and a little kid sandbox.  There are so many workouts you can do with this sandbox, I don't know where to start.

But here goes.  A good workout is to walk in the sand, as stated above.  The walk can be beefed up with a weight vest of some sort.  You can make your own weight vest with some chain.  Make two lengths about 55 inches long and held closed by a spring clip.  Pad the chain with pipe insulation held on with duct tape.  This will provide additional resistance for what you do in the sand.

Another good way to use the sandbox is to use workout sandbags in your workout.  You can walk with a sandbag on either shoulder back and forth across the sand.  The combination of the shifting sand in the sandbag on your shoulder and the shifting sand beneath your feet will give a great workout.

Of course you can always put a wheelbarrow into the sandbox and get a shovel and move the sand from one end to the other.  This is quite a workout that what many mason's helpers do for a living.

This is an idea for making your own sandbox at home.  I am sure there are many more exercises and workouts you can do with a sandbox at home.  And, of course, your kids swill love it.  Keep it fun, keep it real.  Here is our sandbag training page.

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