Functional fitness training tools

Here is a list of the training tools you need. Of course it includes Workout Sandbags. But it includes other tools you can use to train for functional fitness right at home. Some you can make yourself, others you can buy. Contact us if you have any suggestions for other training tools.

home gym equipment with fitness sandbags


From the top left corner of the photo, working clockwise, here are the tools for your home gym:

Plyometric box: Either buy one or make your own, as i have done here. The one shown is 24" high, but i recommend one 18" high for most users.

Medicine balls made from basketballs filled with sand: Large, medium, and small. See below post on how to make them.

Climbing rope: Get a 1-1/2" rope from McMaster-Carr or Grainger or wherever else, hang it from a porch rafter, and climb.

Gymnastics training rings: Optional, get at many places online. Also, rings for outdoor playsets will do also. Many exercises to do with these.

Tire: Get an old one almost anywhere new tires are sold for free. Choose your size.

Sledge hammer: Use to hit the tire, get whatever size you want.

2 7" tall stools, 2 cheap basketballs: Use for pushups. Better than bench presses, and much safer. Put your feet on the stools and your hands on the basketballs.

Chain vest: Use 2 lengths of 5/8" hi-test chain held together into a ring with a spring clip. Put some flexible pipe insulation on them for shoulder padding. Duct tape the pipe insulation together. Because of my height, mine are about 55" long. Cross them like a bandito's bullets over one shoulder and over the opposite waist and cross them like an X on front and back. Walk, climb stairs/stands, do pullups, pushups, squats, lunges, and on and on....

Pullup bar: I had mine made by a welder. It hangs from the rafters on my porch. It can also be hung from ceiling rafters by an eye bolt screwed into the rafters. If you rent, get a pullup bar that hangs from the door frame.

Jump rope: One of the best pieces of cardio exercise equipment there is. Get almost anywhere, and use almost anywhere.

Workout Sandbags: For most guys, get a small, medium, and large. If you weight 250# or more, and it's mostly muscle, get an extra large. You don't have to fill it fully. You can use it loose. For ladies, get either a small or a small and a medium.

Exercise mat: Get almost anywhere. Great for situps, turkish getups, and who knows what else.

Abmat: Use for situps.

Here is a great toolset for home fitness. It includes our fitness sandbags and many pieces of gear you can either make yourself or buy elsewhere cheaply. If you insist, I will recommend where to get other fitness equipment.

Our Workout Sandbags are here.

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