Functional fitness muscle recovery

muscle recovery from sandbag training

Here is Jenni and I doing some serious muscle recovery.  As I say over and over again, sometimes you need to take off some time to recover and be able and willing to continue your workouts.  But now I will get down to what I have to say:  I AM CONVINCED THAT THE BEST WAY TO DO FUNCTIONAL FITNESS IS WORK OUT EVERY OTHER DAY.  And of course, every other day is a recovery day.  You can walk or swim on those days.  By all means get some mild exercise.  Stay moving every day.  But you will see great gains in your functional fitness ability if you allow your body and its muscles to recover fully from a hard workout by giving it a rest day every other day.

I am sure I will invoke the disagreement from every fitness guru there is out there.  But they want you to come into their gym every day, not every other day.  What I give on this blog and the products I sell are designed for you to use at home.  After all, every other week has a Sunday with a workout day.  And not many gyms are open on Sunday.  Gym owners, thank you for your business.  I hope you continue to use my sandbags in your facilities.  But I hope you are teaching your clients how to do workouts at home when you are not open.

Here's to your health.  The older I get, the more i appreciate the every other day workout routine.  Your muscle recovery is the most important part of your functional fitness plan.  Recovery, not workout, is when muscles grow and become stronger.  And that is why we need to be very careful with our muscle recovery.

Here are our sandbags for your sandbag training.

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