Functional fitness for seniors

This article is not about me.  But I must preface it with some personal information.  I am 63 years old now.  And that is a fact that dictates much of my fitness strategy.

As a former high school biology and human anatomy/physiology teacher, I know a little about the human body.  A college professor once told me that we reach our biological peak at about age 25.  So, if you are reading this and you are at least over 30, this article applies to you.

For those of us past our biological prime, functional fitness is the best way to go.  Bodybuilding is not for those past their prime years.  Ask Arnold and Sly.  Besides, you need as much functional fitness ability as you can have to do many tasks associated with home ownership and recreation.

While in my 50's i still went at it hard and did the popular 3 day on / 1 day off routine.  Since turning 60, I have changed to every other day workouts.  And i cannot say how much I enjoy working out every other day, with every other day a recovery day.  The older you get, the more important recovery becomes.

As for strength training exercise, workout sandbags are a great way to go.  They are safe, compact, portable, and effective.  Bodyweight exercises are great too.

For cardio training, interval sprints and rope jumping and running on a rebounder / trampoline is great.  The rebounder is great for reducing the impact on your joints.Stair climbing or hill climbing is another great exercise.

When it gets down to it, possibly the best exercise for seniors is walking and swimming.  In Austin where I used to live, silver haired people swim in Barton Springs all year long.  There is probably a club near you with a pool.  I swim in a nearby lake in late summer for my every other day workouts.

There is no reason to stop exercising as you age.  Keep it up.   Keep it fun!   See our training page for more fitness tips.

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