Functional fitness for all ages


   Today I would like to discuss what I have learned about funcitonal fitness at any and all stages of life.  Some of this is from my life's experiences, and some is filtered through my knowledge as a teacher of biology and human anatomy and physiology.

Regardless of the type of exercises you do or the equipment you use to do it, here is what I have learned and know from science.  We reach our biological peak around the age of 25.  Therefore, we reach our fitness peak then, also.  Before that age, we are still growing.  And growth requires different exercise strategy from maintenance.

I advise young people to exercise every other day in a varied way.  Do not focus on bodybuilding.  Focus instead on performance training. We are hostages of our heredity. We can only become an optimized version of what our DNA codes us to be.  All the training in the world will not make us taller or much wider.  Young bodies need all the protein and calcium that we can get.  The last thing they need is too much sugar or carbonated drinks.  Soft drinks release carbon dioxide into the bloodstream which becomes carbonic acid.  This acid eats teeth and bones.  And both are vital to both health and fitness.

So, young people, do not drink soda pop.  Drink instead milk and occasionally lowfat chocolate milk, especially during and after play or exercise.  Again, work out for up to half an hour every other day.

If you age begins in a 2, as in your 20's, you are at your peak.  If you insist, you can do the 3 day on / 1 day off workout schedule that many find popular now.  But only in your  20's.  After that, every other day workouts.  Still, avoid soda pop.  I actually think occasional beer and wine is better for you than soda pop.  If you need caffeine, drink unsweetened tea or coffee.

For those of us older than 20-something, we must fight to retain our fitness.   And recovery is vital to this.  So, every other day workouts make recovery possible again.

Here's to your lifelong health.  Here are our fitness sandbags.

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