Five years of Workout Sandbags

Yesterday, August 10, 2016 was the five year anniversary of our first sale.  I was too busy with customers yesterday to write this.  We are proud of this accomplishment.  Your satisfaction has kept us going these five years.

4 workout sandbags

After almost a year of product development, we went online in summer 2011.  Our first sale was an individual in Albuquerque NM.  He saw an ad we had up in the Craigslist in that town.  Soon afterwards we sent out postcards to pro sports teams and Crossfit and other training facilities.  Before the year 2011 was out, we had a pro football team and an Ivy League college athletic department as customers. 

We had them made out of 1000D nylon fabric for 2 years.  Then in 2013 we started making them out of ballistic nylon, which is a thicker, stronger fabric.  The yard that makes up the fabric is woven with 2 strands in each direction, instead of one.  It only comes in black color.

Our customers have come from all over the USA, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, and Austria.  We look forward to sending our product to more places on the planet.  Back to our first customer.  His name is Kevin and his review is posted on the "Reviews" page.  All of the reviews on that page are the result of an email sent to the customer a couple of weeks after they get their bags, asking "How do you like your sandbags?"  Their response is copied and pasted verbatim onto the Reviews page.

Thank you for five great years of business.  I look forward to many more.

See our training sandbags here.

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