Finding time for workouts

Let's assume you want to do a workout every other day and walk every day.  But you have a job, a family, and a life.  And those 3 things do not leave much time for a workout every other day.  Let's also assume you drive at least a half hour to and from work.  So where do you find any time to do a workout?

There are many ways to do it, but the main one is to work out at work.  It will take a cooperative boss.  But a smart boss will understand that improving the health of his or her workers will lower their healthcare costs.  And, exercise promotes the brain to get more oxygen, and you to get better ideas as to how to do your job.

We will assume you have an office job. The first thing you do is take an exercise sandbag in the car to work with you.  Park as far from the door as you can.  Shoulder the bag when you get there, and carry it in on first one shoulder then the other.  From time to time during your work day, either carry it around on your shoulder while thinking or do other exercises.  I suggest the small size for this. When the work day is over, shoulder the sandbag and carry it back out to the car.

Other ideas are take a short break and climb a flight or two of stairs up and down.  Explain to the boss that you do not have to go outside to smoke.  And you would rather get some quick exercise than go outside and smoke.  The boss should agree with that.  

At your desk, you can do a few things.  You can put your hands on the desk and lean over to it and do pushups.  You can also do pushups with one hand.  These can also be done against a wall with one or two hands.

Here is a somewhat more complicated idea:  Talk the boss into turning that empty or near-empty room into a gym.  All it would take would be a few exercise sandbags, a mini-trampline, also called a rebounder, a pullup bar suspended from the ceiling, an exercise mat and a pillow for back support for situps, and a jump rope.  You would need to get some anti-fatigue matting for the floor to do the jump rope on. A pair of basketballs makes great pushup handles to put the hands on.  A pair of small 7" tall stools makes it an advanced exercise by putting the feet on the stools and the hands on the basketballs.

That covers the workplace.  The other idea is to do it at home after dinner.  All it takes is a small amount of space i front of the TV.  Again, you need the same gear as described above. Do it in front of the TV  before or after dinner.  If time is still an issue, you can try this quick workout:   How many pushups can you do in a minute? Rest one minute. Then how many pullups can you do in a minute?  Rest one minute.  Then, how many situps can you do in a minute?  Rest one minute, then how many squats or lunges can you do in a minute?  The order of the exercises can be changed for different days. This quick workout can of course be done in the morning before or after breakfast.

As always, I recommend you walk plenty every day and do a workout every other day.  I hope this helps you. See more sandbag training tips here.

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