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Fall 2021 Sandbag Training

Happy fall 2021 to you from us at Workout Sandbags!  Here is some news and other useful info for you.

In October of this year, we were given a huge complement by our local college, University of Central Arkansas.  They purchased a large set of medium and small size outer/filler bag combos for both their male and female athletes to train with.  They own exercise gear from all the big-name suppliers.  And, they certainly could have bought more from them.  But after trying out our sandbag, they chose us.  Thank you!

A few days ago one of our largest return customers paid us another compliment.   He said, quote, "Your ballistic nylon blows away the Cordura".  He also said "Your bags are more fun".  He owns some of the big-name competitors, and prefers ours.

Another customer from Western Australia bought some of our bags.  This is not the first time we have supplied Workout Sandbags to them.  Thank you and all the best!

We are certainly proud of our product.  We hope you have a good time using them this winter and stay in shape for the spring.

We have some new filling instruction videos on our "filling" page.  If you have not seen them, they are worth a look.

We look forward to helping you stay in shape in 2022.   Shop Workout Sandbags here.