Fall 2016 Workouts

It's a little late in the fall to be writing about fall workouts.  But it has been a very warm fall here in mid-America.  Here we are Thanksgiving week and it finally has gotten cool.  And that cool weather allows us to get outdoors out of the AC and do some outdoor sandbag workouts.

If you don't have a hill nearby like I do, find one.  I am from the Texas Gulf Coast, and it is the flattest place on earth.  I would go to a high school football stadium and climb the stands.  I would use chains around me to simulate the extra weight of a backpack.  Now I live in Arkansas and my driveway is plenty hilly.  And that hilly driveway allows me to do plenty of workouts with and without sandbags.

A workout that seems to keep coming up is intervals of walking down and running up the driveway.  I try to see how many rounds I can do.  A new variation is to run from one hill on my road to the next, and walk back.  Then I try ot see how many rounds of that I can do. 

A third variation is to walk to the bottom of the hill at the end of my road.  It is very steep.  Then I run up it, and walk back down.  Again, see how many rounds you can do.  As I age, the rounds drop.  

Workout Sandbags can be used on both hills and stadium stands.  They fit nicely on your shoulders.  Instead of centering the sandbag behind your neck, go for an offbalance carry with the bag first on one shoulder and then the other.  This puts great stress on your core stabilizer muscles.  

If you have a porch, you can do jumprope workouts.  I use some 3' wide anti-fatigue mat from a home center on the cement save wear and tear on both my knees and the jumprope.   Extra padding under the fatigue matting is recommended.  I use a backpacking ground pad.

Take your gym mat outdoors and use it to do situps, pushups, and turkish getups. Use a pair of hanging rings to do pullups.  All of these can be done with training sandbags.

The days are really short, but will start getting longer soon.  Spring is only 4 months away!  Happy holidays to you!  See our sandbag exercises and workouts here.

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