Eat, drink, be merry

How to eat, drink, and exercise your way health and fitness

All the food we eat becomes only protein, fat, and carbohydrates in our bloodstream. Also circulating are vitamins and minerals. That’s it. The best strategy is to get as many nutrients we need from our food, not from supplements.

The best nutrients come from these foods: protein from lowfat cottage cheese and lowfat ricotta cheese (it’s made from whey), vitamin E from wheat germ, proteins, healhty fats, and vitamin E from almonds.  Also, vitamin E and healthy fats from ground flaxseed (add to oatmeal), iron and protein from beef sirloin (steak or ground), healthy omega-3 oils and protein from salmon, more omega 3 oils from olive oil, and vitamin c and roughage from fruits. Eggs, especially those fortified with omega-3 oils, are good for you in moderation. They are great sources of protein, vitamin A, calcium, and iron.  For dessert, have fruit instead of sugar-rich treats.

For breakfast on workout days, I like oatmeal with raisins and ground flaxseed.  When done, I put lowfat cottage cheese in it for added protein.  For lunch, an occasional hamburger is okay but without the cheese and mayonnaise, and by all means without the french fries.  Try to eat as much salmon as you can.  Just fry it in olive oil in a pan with garlic and serve drenched in balsamic vinegar.

After breakfast take a multivitamin pill. I also take a  DHEA pill for its testosterone-raising benefit. Before workout, drink a small amount of lowfat milk with either whey protein or lowfat ricotta cheese mixed in.  Ricotta cheese is made from whey, and is a good cheap substitute for whey protein, that can get expensive.  After workout have a medium sized glass of lowfat milk with either whey protein or ricotta cheese and a teaspoon of molasses mixed in.  After workouts, our muscles will drink up the excess carbs from the molasses.  And, the potassium in it is very helpful for recovery.

Eat at least 3 full meals a day.   I like to have a snack in mid-afternoon of peanut butter and raisins on toast.  Never get hungry.  That is when you make bad food choices.
I drink filtered water that i hope removes the chlorine from it.  Chlorine is an oxidizer and should be avoided.  Make nonchlorinated water your favorite drink. 

If  you are of age and drink, do so in moderation.  Limit yourself to a couple of beers or glasses of red wine a couple of nights per week.  The less you drink, the more you will enjoy it!  Try it, and you will see what i mean. Remember , the time you spend recovering the next day from overindulging is about twice the time you spend drunk.

One day per week, eat what you like.  You can have whatever you want, and can have a dessert of ice cream.  Here's to your health and fitness! See our training page here.

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