Drink to your health

A friend recently emailed me a link to an article of a British woman who did an experiment recently.   She took a phtoto of herself at the beginning and end of the experiment.  The photos are published in the article.  And the difference between before and after is stunning.

She was only 42 at the time of the experiment.  But she says she looked more like 52.  She had wrinkles and bags under her eyes.  Her experiment was simple.  She was to increase her water uptake to between 3 and 3 liters a day, which is about a gallon a day.

Again, the photos are amazing.  She looked like an old lady at the beginning, and like a young fox at the end.  Not as evident in the photos was her other health functions.   Her digestion and elimination became much better, and her general health became much better.

What does this simple finding have to say to those of us interested in functional fitness?   Plenty.  Fitness of any sort, functional or bodybuilding, is based upon a foundation of health.  This is just like a house is based upon a foundation.  The house cannot stand without a good foundation.  And we must have a solid foundation of good health.

And good health begins with drinking enough water every day. When should you drink plenty of water?  Just about anytime of the day.  I suggest tapering off the water an hour before bedtime.  But by all means drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workouts.  And be sure to drink plenty of water with your meals.  In fact, the few times I go out to eat, I take a bottle of water with me.  Here is why.  Restaurants want to sell you something to drink other than water to make more money.  When you order water, they tend to let you run dry.  That is why you should bring water with you out to eat.

Let's talk about what type of water to drink.  It is my suspicion that chlorine in our water is bad for our health.  Chlorine is an oxidizer.  This is good because it oxidizes bacteria in our water.  And of course bacteria can make us sick.  But the chlorine in water also oxidizes our body's cells.  And that is bad.  So try to drink water without chlorine.  One way is to go to a grocery store and buy gallons of spring water in a plastic bottle.  But that runs you into the problem of BPA and other estrogen-inducing chemicals in the plastic that can leach into the water.  So here is what I do.  I use a filter on my refrigerator that is supposed to remove the chlorine.  At least it tastes like it does.  I know there are several arguments about ths, and I will stay out of them.  But even drinking chlorinated water is better than going dehydrated.

So, to keep healthy and fit, drink plenty of water all day long. On the bottom of this page are some more nutrition tips.

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