Barbell and sandbag price comparison

Today I want to compare the prices of an entire set of our exercise sandbags with an olympic bar and a 260 pound set of bumper plates.  Just about every exercise you can do with barbells you can do with sandbags.  But with sandbags you can do many more movements that can not be done with barbells.

Today I shopped around online for some olympic bars and a set of bumper plates.  The bumper plate set consists of a pair of 45, 35, 25, 15, and 10 pound plates.  The lowest priced one I found went for $580.  As for the seven foot olympic, bar, there are many options for quality.  You can pay about $80 or one or you can pay $1000 for one.  But there are many choices between $200 and $500.  So let's say the 7' bar costs $200. Now you need a rack to hold those bumper plates.  I found one nearby for $200.  So, we have a total of $980 for our olympic bumper plate set with a rack.  There is no doubt that you can find a cheaper deal somewhere.  But in a way that would be an unfair comparison, because our sandbags are of the highest quality you can find anywhere.

But just in case you can find this above set for $600, so be it.  Just for the sake of argument, let's go with this either cheap quality weight set or great deal you found. So now we are down to a $600 bumper plate set.  The next question is, where are you going to use it?  In that spare bedroom in your home?  Most spare bedrooms are about 12 feet square.  That leaves little room for a 7' long olympic bar that is most popular with functional fitness athletes now.

Now we bring in our sandbags.  The entire set of small, medium, large, and extra large goes for $326.  Shipping is included in orders of 2 or more sandbags.  All you add is sand.  If you choose to use our contractor bags to hold the sand, sand is all you have to add to that $326 cost.  And our contractor bags have held sand for 3 years for CrossFit and other gyms, pro and college football teams, and individuals worldwide without a complaint of their breaking or leaking.But, if you prefer, you can order our optional filler bags now.

Most of us guys can only do deadlifts with the extra large bag filled.  And deadlifts are a great total body exercise.  But let's say you want to skip the deadlifts, and just go with the small, medium, and large sandbags combo.  That costs $237 with free USA shipping.  So, you get my point here.  Sandbags cost less than an olympic bar and a bumper plate set.

But the best point is that sandbags are far better at both strength and power training than barbells.  And, they are much more compact, portable, quiet, safe, and affordable.  They will fit into that small space you have.  They will travel with you.   But best of all, you can do moves with them that you cannot do with barbells.  And, the shifting sand delivers far greater functional fitness benefits. 

Another important point is that if you took a barbell with rubber bumper plates outdoors and used it on a gravel driveway, it would ruin the plates that contacted the ground.  While I do not recommend that use for our sandbags, if loosely filled, they would survive the extreme use better.

Thank you for your time.  Keep on moving that sand. 

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