Ballistic nylon Workout Sandbags

There must be other fitness sandbags made from ballistic nylon.  Every time I search for them, another outfit comes up in the search results. So I lay no claim to being the only maker of sandbags for strength training that makes them from ballistic nylon.

But it is a stronger fabric than the usual 1000 denier (also called 1000D) fabric that most of the makers of fitness sandbags use.  I want to spend this article telling you about the difference between not only ballistic nylon and 1000d fabric, but also the differences between the different weights of ballistic nylon.

Ballistic nylon was developed in World War Two to use in flak jackets.  But even then it would not stop a large bullet.  It took metal inserts to stop the bullets, and still does.  But the fabric is much stronger than the 1000D that we used to make our sandbags from.  And it is not that much more costly than 1000D.  So, we decided to give you the best fabric available for your sandbags.

The difference between ballistic nylon and regular 1000D nylon is the weave of the fabric.   Regular 1000D nylon fabric is woven with one strand of yard going each way.  Ballistic nylon is woven with two strands of yarn going each way.  

With regular nylon fabric, the denier is the weight of a given length of yarn.  So, the larger the number, the heavier the weight fabric, and stronger it is.  Here comes the confusing part.

With ballistic nylon, it is not that way.  The two most popular weights of ballistic nylon are 1680 denier (also called 1680D) and 1050 denier nylon ballistic fabric.  This fabric is also called 1050D ballistic.  So here is the confusion.  For some reason that I do not want to bore you with here, the larger number denier of ballistic nylon is the thinner and less strong fabric.  The smaller denier fabric is thicker and stronger.

So, 1050D ballistic nylon fabric is thicker and stronger than 1680D ballistic nylon fabric.  Do not ask me why they change the numbers around for the two types of fabric.  They just do.  We have always used the thicker and strongest of the ballistic nylon fabrics, the 1050 denier, or 1050D, in our ballistic nylon workout sandbags.  

It is tempting to use the less expensive and thinner 1680 denier ballistic nylon fabric in our sandbags.  In fact, a supplier of this fabric has its warehouse much closer to our factory than the supplier of the thicker and stronger 1050 denier ballistic nylon fabric.  But we feel it is worth the extra expense and trouble to get you the thicker and strongest fabric for your exercise sandbags.

Here is a photo that shows the thickness of our 1050D ballistic nylon fabric. The 1000D is on the left, the ballistic is on the right.

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ballistic nylon workout sandbags fabric

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