Asteroids and training sandbags

Happy spring 2019 to you!  I hope the weather is warming up for you where you are so you can get out and do some outdoor workouts. 


I was talking recently on the phone to our best customer.  He has bought from us 7 times, 5 times for his team and twice for himself.  He "gets" our design and how it is a better way to do sandbag training.  I was explaining to him how sandbags are like either planets or asteroids.  You have seen photos online from NASA showing asteroids in our solar system taken recently from robot spaceships.  The photos show the irregular, unpredictable shape they have.  This is because they are too small for gravity to work on them and force them into a sphere.  When a planet forms from asterioids, they squeeze together and gravity forces them to ball up into a sphere to minimize its effects.  This creates the least stress on the sphere-shaped planet.

So how does this affect sandbags for strength training?  When a sandbag is either balled up or rolled up into either a sphere or a cylinder, its shape serves to minimize the effect of gravity on the user.  A spherical or cylindrical sandbag allows the user to lift it with LESS effort than if it were spread out in a flatter, more irregular shape. 

May I remind you that the whole purpose of sandbag training is to lift something shifty and unstable, to make it HARDER to lift than a barbell or dumbbell?  That is why we designed our Workout Sandbags to be more like a giant beanbag, with a flat shape, with middle handles forcing the sand to go around them and make an hourglass shape.  This irregular shape may not look pretty, but it does the job.  It delivers maximum instability for a given weight of sand.  All while our internal rubber hose handles allow for a better grip of the bag, and deliver a better direct feel of the shifting sand.

We are the only maker of functional fitness sandbags that makes them like this.  The duffel bag design, which is what everybody else uses, serves to minimize the resistance of the sand.  This allows you to lift more weight.  Many of them are marked with a screenprinted number on them that shows the weight of sand in them.  We do not put weights on our bags, on purpose.  We allow you to adjust the amount of instability you want by how much sand you add to the bag.

We are proud of our bags.  If we did not think they were the best training sandbags for sale anywhere on planet Earth, we would not waste our time or yours.

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