Better original design - Stronger ballistic nylon - Go for it

Workout Sandbags handle like a sandbag should, while being able to do all your barbell moves. We spent the entire year of 2010 designing them after using the "duffel-bag" style for the previous 3 years. Built-in handles give you a better grip and feel of the shifting sand. Their giant beanbag shape gives more shift for a better workout. The thicker, stronger fabric and thread will last you a lifetime. Our filler bags DO NOT LEAK. Our clients include Cincinnati Bengals, Navy Midshipmen, Wyoming Cowboys, Central Arkansas Bears, CrossFit boxes, North Dakota Highway Patrol, Metro EMS, and homes from Austria to Australia. We do quality quietly. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Make it yours!


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training sandbags with filler
  • "These are the toughest, most intense workout sandbags made.
    These are hands-down the best, by far."

    Levi, USMC California 2012

  • "This sandbag is great.  Nothing we have used comes close to your sandbag.  We will be buying more in the near future. This the best sandbag I have ever used."
    Darren, Texas 2015

  • "If you are looking for a top quality sandbag with premium build quality
    and that creates a very challenging workout due to the different design,
    Workout Sandbags have my highest recommendation."

    Ellis, Utah 2021

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